Facility Management - ISO 41001:2018 - Certification

Facility Management - ISO 41001:2018 - Certification

ISO 41001:2018 is an international facilities management system standard that was established and published by the International Organization for Standards (ISO). It is the first facility management standard of its kind. The world has never had any before. So, it is the first and current version.

In its simplest terms, ISO 41001 was established to provide organizations with the framework that they need to cultivate, implement, and maintain an effective facility management system. It is specifically designed to help the procurement and facility managers with a reference point regarding the efficiency, capability, and competency of a facility management system.

When ISO 41001 was first established in 2018, it was done in response to the complaints and problems that many facility managers were experiencing at that time. It was worthwhile to unify everything so that the entire world could speak one language regarding the facilities management market. It would have not been wise to let every organization implement its standards when establishing a Facilities Management System.

Facilities management was, and still is, the fastest-growing sector, something that greatly necessitated the development of the international standards that came to be known as ISO 41001. This standard was meant to be very useful, and it has proved to be beneficial to many different organizations..

Benefits of Facility Management ISO 41001

  • Win the trust of stakeholders, customers, and other business partners.
  • Improve marketability
  • Grow the profitability
  • Cost benefits
  • Enhance workforce productivity