ISO 22716:2007 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.

ISO 22716:2007 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.

ISO 22716:2007 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.


What is ISO 22716?

ISO 22716 guides documenting and regulating the production, control, storage, and shipment of cosmetic products. The standard’s guidelines will provide your organization with practical methods for managing the many factors that can affect product quality.

ISO 22716 standard deals with all aspects of the supply chain of cosmetic products, from the early delivery of raw materials and components to the shipment of the final product to the consumer.

It describes the basic principles of applying GMP in a facility that produces finished cosmetic products.

ISO 22716 Standard gives cosmetic product production, control, and shipment guidelines. These guidelines cover the quality aspects of the product.


WHY is ISO 22716 important?

The European Union’s Regulation (EC) No 1223/2000 requires cosmetic products to be manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GMPs create the practical development of quality assurance through the description of the activities that are based on sound scientific judgment and risk assessments. GMP guidelines were written to define the activities that enable you to obtain a product that meets defined characteristics. GMPs are critical to organizations looking to reduce the risk and liability of their products. Your organization can demonstrate compliance with GMP by implementing ISO 22716.



  • Helps to ensure quality and safety compliance throughout every stage of the supply chain. This leads to a better final product while ensuring a safe environment for employees.
  • Reduces the potential hazards of cosmetics manufacturing and promotes better manufacturing practices to protect employees and the environment.
  • Supports legal compliance from international regulators, allowing businesses to create products and serve them to a variety of markets while adhering to local regulations.
  • Promotes continuous improvement in operations through an internal auditing system that quickly identifies and resolves problems to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.
  • Helps establish a comprehensive system to deal with product deviations, complaints, and recalls.
  • A company that operates in an ISO 22716 accredited environment can be trusted with the sourcing of raw materials, the production of cosmetics, and their distribution. Working with a partner that has been ISO accredited can drastically improve a business’s effectiveness while also providing the tools and systems necessary to optimize the production process.